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In order to register a utility model you need to file an application accompanied by the description of the invention, registration claim, summary and drawings, and pay the state fee (the application form and the list of state fees can be found on the home page of the Patent Office).

The Patent Office will conduct no expert survey of utility models; they will only check if the documents have been correctly filed (that will take approximately one year). In case no obstructive circumstances occur, the Patent Office will grant the decision for the registration of the utility model. Following that, a Certificate of the Utility Model will be issued, and the registration will be published in "Eesti Kasuliku Mudeli Leht" (The Estonian Utility Model Gazette).

The registration is valid for four years from the date of filing the application. The registration can be renewed twice: the first time for four years and the second time for two years. Every time you need to pay a state fee.
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