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  » Introduction
Patent bureau Kesna was established in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, in 1994, on the basis of the Patent Department of an Institute called "Tehnoprojekt" that was part of the Ministry of Local Industry (which, by now, has become history together with developing socialism).

The long-time experience of our patent specialists enables us to tackle the following main divisions of intellectual property protection:
The work languages of our bureau are Estonian, Russian and English.

Intellectual property protection issues are gaining more and more topicality in Estonia. Mostly, these issues have to do with trademarks that are registered to label goods and services, by which we do not only mean trademarks of Estonian applicants, but also those the applicants/owners of which are foreign companies or private individuals. The regulation of the work in customs and the expansion of the export of goods and services to our neighbouring countries requires that more attention be paid to the issues connected with the trademarks that are registered to label imported and exported goods. Fighting against pirate production is a very topical issue in our contemporary world; one way to avoid piracy is intellectual property protection.

Every year sees growth in the number of patents that are presented for registration in Estonia. Unfortunately, the share of Estonian authors in presenting patents is tiny compared to the overall number of applications.

Statistical information about all the articles connected with intellectual property protection in Estonia is available on the home page of the Estonian Patent Office.

We must not forget that intellectual property is also an article that can be purchased and sold, and that one can obtain rights for its temporary use. All these procedures are drawn up on the grounds of corresponding agreements. With the help of our specialists you can draw up any of the above-mentioned procedures. Our specialists will also act as patent lawyers to defend the interests of their clients in order to solve any problems that may occur while protecting intellectual property.

In addition to intellectual property protection in Estonia, we can also deal with it in a number of other countries, due to the fact that we have developed long-term work relations with several foreign patent companies. That will help you save time and will cut your expenses.

We also collaborate with artists and designers, who can create the trademark and the style (business cards, business forms, home pages in the Internet, etc.) of your business.

In addition to the questions what? who? where? it is essential to remember that the customer himself/herself has to find an answer to the most important question: for what?. Since all the procedures connected with intellectual property protection are fee-paying (you have to pay all necesseray state fees), the potential customer of our patent bureau should have, apart from ambition, a good reason to spend time and money.

In order to update yourself on the issues linked with intellectual property protection, we advise you to visit the home pages of the Etonian Patent Office.
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