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  » Trademarks
In order to register a trademark in Estonia it is necessary to file an application and pay the state fee (the application form and the list of state fees can be found on the home page of the Patent Office). These documents are presented to the Patent Office. After that the Patent Office will carry out an expert survey to find out whether the trademark is novel and not confusingly similar to an earlier trademark; and if no obstructive circumstances occur, within 8-10 months the Patent Office will make a decision about registering the trademark.

After the decision has been made, the trademark will be published in "Eesti Kaubamärgileht" (The Estonian Trademark Gazette). And if, within two months from the date of publication, no-one has contested the registration, the state fee has to be paid to enter into the State Register. After having paid the state fee, the Patent Office will issue a Certificate of the Trademark. The registration of the trademark is valid for ten years from the date of entering the State Register.

When the period of ten years is over You can pay the state fee and the registration will be renewed for another ten years. In this manner one can renew the registration of the trademark forever.
There is possibility to file an international application in several countries simultaneously according to the Madrid protocol, as well as to registrate the trademark in the countries of the European Community.
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