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In accordance with the statute issued by the Minister of Economics of Estonia the registration and protection of intellectual property is managed by a state organ – the Estonian Patent Office. Legal persons registered in Estonia, also Estonian citizens and permanent residents of Estonia have the right to refer to the Patent Office independently or seek help from Estonian Patent Attorneys. Foreign legal persons and natural persons may refer to the Patent Office only through Estonian Patent Attorneys.

In patent bureau Kesna you can seek help from:

Mrs. Ljubov Kesselman – Estonian Patent Attorney (all IP objects)
She is a graduate from Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry as a chemist - process engineer (1969); she has also graduated from the Moscow Patent Institute (1978). Since 1980 she worked for the patent department in the Institute of "Tehnoprojekt" in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Local Industry. Since 1994 she has been the executive manager of patent bureau Kesna. She is the member of Estonian Patent Attorneys’ Association, member of an international organisation INTA.
Patent Attorney of Republic of Estonia (1994) and European patent and trademark attorney (2004),  languages: Estonian, Russian, English.

Mr. Sergei Kesselman - Managing Director
He is a graduate from the Institute of National Economy of Kiev (1971), specialising in economic cybernetics. After that he worked for the Institute of Cybernetics in Kiev, and later he worked at the computing centre of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia. General Manager of patent bureau Kesna since 1991, languages: Russian, English.

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